Make my own tools

  • A wine bottle cork stock and a golf ball can be used as metal file holder. metal-tool













  • The unwanted lamp is strong enough to do metal forming.   metal-forming-tool















  • Glue a handle on back of a tile. It can be used to flat an enameling piece right after take it out of kiln. enameling-tool

Reference Books

1.  The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry  by Joanna Gollberg  (A complete guide to essential techniques)

2. The encyclopedia of Jewelry making techniques.    by Jinks McGrath  (A comprehensive visual guide to traditional and comtemporary techniques)    [from Rockville lierary]

3. Get Started Beading  — Stringing wirework stitching.  (The best of bead & button Magazine)       [from Rockville lierary]

4. Bead on a wire  — Making handcrafted wire and beaded jewelry   By Sharilyn Miller    [from Rockville lierary]

5. Antique Trader Jewelry Price guide (2nd Edition)  Edited by Kyle Husfloen, Morion Cohen    [from Rockville lierary]

6. 1000 Rings      Introduction by Robert W. Ebendorf  (Inspiring Adornments for the Hand)  [from Proffeser Okim, Montgonmery College]