Welcome to Shelly’s Studio!


Artist Shelly Shen

Shelly studied jewelry and metalsmithing, enameling at Montgomery College, Maryland.

pin-3tShelly’s Studio is the showroom to present her artistic talents and a portfolio for prospect clients.



Shelly’s passion in Art Jewelry design making reflects her formal training in art and engineering. Shelly desires to create art works that harmonize inspirations from both Asian and Western cultures.



Shelly’s current interests are in metalworking and enameling, both very process oriented and slightly technical art forms. Shelly considers her jewelry work the realization of her artist imagination through disciplined engineering means based on careful planning and attention to details. Shelly is enthralled by the stunning colors and the infinite possibilities enameling on metal offers.

Shelly wants her work to be free and spontaneous. Shelly believes that the more technological our world becomes, the more important it is that we stay connected to art. Shelly hopes to create art works that resonate with audience that they call beauty and feel as joy.


Shelly is a member of the the Enamelist Gallery at Torpedo Factory Art Center. the Enamelist Gallery is a cooperative of artists who practice the art of true enamel: glass fired onto metal. Using both traditional techniques such as cloisonné, and many exciting modern methods, we create enamel paintings, sculpture, jewelry, bowls, and boxes.  The Enamelists Gallery  was one of the founding studios of the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

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